School Age

Such experiences is not just play… It is work he
must do in order to grow up.

- Maria Montessori


Our After-School educational program offers a safe, enriching, and exciting environment for children. Students can complete their schoolwork with the assistance of our teachers. Students can also wind down from their day, by exploring creative arts, using technology, and engaging in physical activity.

Some Highlights Of Our After Care Program Are:


Yoga for preschool is a perfectly balanced program that teaches children the art of yoga. Our curriculum combines yoga stretching and poses with aerobic-style exercises. This allows the students the opportunity to get their energy out as we develop their strength, stamina, balance, and agility and show them how to calm their bodies. Classes begin with a warm up followed by cardiovascular activity and stretching exercises. Children learn to stretch and cool down as each class begins early morning.


Homework Help

Homework help is offered to school age students needing additional guidance in working through more difficult topics. Our school age students will also have access to our computer lab which will facilitate online math and other web-based sites assigned by the school.

Language Classes

Studies have shown that learning a second languages like Hindi and Spanish also improves overall cognitive development. In addition to learning, speaking, reading and writing in a new language, children can improve standardized test scores, critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills and greater mental flexibility. Our classes are fun and interactive, allowing kids to stay engaged and learn together through a variety of activities.



Gardening helps students engage in learning while enjoying nature outdoors in a relaxed setting. It can also help students learn how to take better care of the environment and the nutritional value in organic foods. Children will learn how to care and maintain their own classroom garden; wash and prepare the fruits and vegetables they will enjoy.

General Music

Music is a universal language that is made of patterns and sequences. Not only does music build new pathways in the brain that reinforce mathematical and reading concepts, music can also increase your child’s independence and confidence. Music is an opportunity to discover a sing-along voice, clapping or moving to a steady beat, developing listening and following directional skills. Skills mastered include listening to music or nursery rhymes, moving appropriately to music, singing simple songs mastering syllables and hand signals, learning rhythmic duration and patterns in rhythm and sound.