Character formation cannot be taught. It comes
from experience and not from explanation.

- Maria Montessori


Montessori Enrichment

In addition to educating your child using the Montessori Method, we strive to promote the all-rounded development of each child by exposing them to activities such as sports, music and fine arts, martial arts, chess, and the STEAM program. This allows them to explore and improve their physical well-being, promote their creativity, and sharpen their minds.

Did you know that in addition to our well-rounded Montessori program, that we also offer the following Enrichment activities?


Soccer Shots

Soccer shots is a uniquely designed program that will introduce soccer to your child in a fun, safe and controlled environment which offers basic soccer skills, games, competitions, and prizes for your child. The program also emphasizes fun character-forming lessons such as respect, honesty, sharing, teamwork, patience, and encouragement.


As children grow, athletics become more competitive. Basketball provides a great opportunity for a beginning basketball player to learn the skills necessary to be successful in the game. It also provides experienced players with the ability to hone their skills on the court. A focus on basic skills such as dribbling, lay ups, passing, shooting, and defense, along with a variety of drills and mini games will prepare your athlete for the basketball season.


Music and Fine Arts

Children naturally respond to multi-sensory learning opportunities, such as music and the visual arts. They use all five senses (sight, smell, sound, touch, taste) to activate specific neurons in the brain. For young children, multi-sensory activities provide more learning opportunities than single-sensory activities because more of the brain becomes involved in the lesson.


Steam stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. This program helps students improve in these fields and helps them get better at math and computer science.


Martial Arts

Martial arts are fun activities for young children. Each session includes exercises to develop balance, coordination, and gross motor skills. Our children run, jump, kick, and have a great time while improving their athleticism.


Chess helps students strengthen their mind and gain confidence in other areas. It is also a strategy game making the students more strategic in other fields.