Welcome to Harvest Green Montessori School (HGMS), a home away from home for your children! Our common interest is to use their time at HGM to provide every child with the foundation to be successful in the future. Consider HGMS as an educational partner in fostering a well-balanced child. We are committed to providing you with the quality care every child deserves. We believe that following these three steps is only the bridge to a bright future.

Steps To Admission

Step 1

Campus Tour with our Director/Assistant Director: Our director will walk you through our Montessori Environments. She will share with you the many benefits and advantages of selecting a Montessori education for your child. As you proceed on your tour, you will notice the attention to detail, beginning with our oversized playgrounds with extended sun blockers to the largest indoor gymnasium in the area. Our classrooms are comfortably large and have plenty of natural daylight. Our Montessori material is at the forefront of your child’s learning experience. Our teacher selection process and our continued staff development are carefully selected to ensure your child has the highest quality of service. We are committed to providing quality care, and our parent testimonials, continued referrals, returning families, and retention records are proven indicators of our quality. Your tour is also an excellent opportunity to share any concerns and questions about the developmental approach and growth of your child. Feel free to ask us any questions and schedule your discovery day visit before your commitment to our school.

Step 2

Discovery Day: During your child’s visit to their future classroom environment, your child will spend a minimum of two hours fostering that initial bond with their teacher. We will need those two hours to help your child feel welcome in the new environment and create a sense of familiarity and joy for learning. Please be patient with your child because this is a difficult transition and sensitive period. Not all children will respond positively to an unfamiliar person approaching. As such, we ask that you be patient with our teachers as they recognize this immediately and will give your little ones the observation space they need to adapt to a new environment. The only assessment we are taking during your child’s discovery day visit is to see if they are ready for group care and if we can meet the needs and individual educational plan of each child we service. An important aspect is that you are satisfied with the teacher’s classroom management style and initial bond with your child. Year after year, our teachers go through intense training to better serve the community they also call home, as many reside in Harvest Green.

Step 3

Admission: Following your child’s discovery day and school feedback we can save your child’s spot for immediate or future enrollment. Once registering we will need all the completed paperwork to create your family profile, including a physician-signed statement of health and records. Upon returning registration forms, please purchase school uniforms before your child’s first day of school. As part of the enrollment process, all items on the checklist will need to be turned in to your child’s respective classroom, including your family photo and an indoor plant to help us create a home away from home! Our schools’ email is your method of communication as our teachers utilize Montessori Compass as a one-way communication with daily reports for our younger children and weekly reports for Primary and older students. As a best practice, we ensure pictures are shared with you no later than the end of the week. We offer plenty of volunteer opportunities and special events for you to stay connected with our school and create a sense of family, diversity, and unity in our common goal!