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September 2019

Past events!

Labour Day

September 2nd - School Closed for Labor Day:

A day off for the kids to celebrate the achievements of workers and understand the importance of unity and hard work.

Fall Pictures

September 5th–6th - Fall Pictures:

We captured and preserved memories by taking pictures of the children. They were dressed to the nines.

GrandParent's Day

September 6th: Grandparent’s Day:

A day dedicated to our beloved grandparents. Children were encouraged to bring their grandparents to school and have fun with various activities like card-giving and gift-givings.

Curriculum Night

September 26th: Making your home a Montessori Home:

All the parents were invited and were briefed about what to expect from the school the whole year. From academics to extra-curricular activities, an educational open house for parents to know the plans of the school.