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June 2019

Past events!

Summer Program Begins

June 3 - Summer Program begins:

The students have worked very well throughout the year and deserve a break. At HGM, we believe in nourishing the body, mind, and each child’s individual personality and spirit. Considering this, we have planned many fun activities for the summer, like water days, board game days, movie days. During the Montessori work period, students choose to work on Montessori materials as well as cultural materials.

First Day of Splash Day

June 10 – First day of splash day:

To escape the summer heat, we organized a fun event starting from the 10th of June. From designated play areas for toddlers to organized water games, we had all the excitement pooled. It was a good break from the daily routine for the kids and the tiny tots had great fun splashing water all around.

Donuts for Dads

June 14 – Donuts for Dads (7:30-9:30am)

Last month, we celebrated the spirit of motherhood. This month, we welcome all fathers to join us for Father’s Day (Donuts for Dads) on Friday, June 14th from 7:30 - 9:30 AM.

Open House

June 15 – Open House (10:00-12:00 pm):

An open house was scheduled on 15th of June so that the parents could get acquainted with the teachers, have a quick tour of the school and learn briefly about the year's curriculum.