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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Montessori Method?

The Montessori Method is based on the on observation of the child and following his or her abilities and interests. By observing children closely, you are able to identify when a child is most willing and ready to learn a specific skill. The Montessori Method allows freedom for a child to learn through exploration and self-direction. The Montessori philosophy nurtures a child's sensitive period by allowing the child ample opportunity for the child to be absorbed and focused on whatever task they are driven to at the time.

Why do parents prefer a Montessori Education?

In our experience, parents prefer a Montessori Education because it allows a child freedom within limits. The environment is structured however, the child has the freedom to choose his/her work. The work attracts the child's interest and it is well organized. The teacher/guide observes the child' interest and both challenges the child and guides the child to avoid frustrations. Parent's learn to appreciate the teaching style and the fact that the children are able to explore the classroom and not simply stay in one area of the classroom. The material in the classroom is very often changed with the seasons to maintain and captivate a child's interest.

Montessori moves from concrete to abstract.

Montessori materials and subject matter move from the concrete to the abstract. The child is able to interact with concepts and ideas rather than simply memorizing facts.

Montessori facilitates a natural love for learning.

"Follow the child but follow the child as a leader" is Maria Montessori's philosophy. We honor a child's natural progression and curiosity to learn while exploring in a safe and carefully prepared environment.

Montessori seeks to educate the whole child.

Montessori teaches the child for everyday life, giving them practical skills that affects how they interact with their community, teaches them to care for their self, their environment, and others, and teaches them how to be an active participant in their learning and environment.

Montessori abstains from rewards.

The child receives intrinsic joy when they discover something new or realize they've acquired a new skill. (When Montessori does praise, it's very specific. For example, "I like how diligently you're working on your penmanship.")

Montessori focuses on the individual child and their potential.

Montessori materials naturally bring about the inquisitive nature of the child and allows them to think of new ways to do things. They open the child up to learn for the themselves. It teaches them how to discover but doesn't give a step-by-step direction. In a Montessori environment, both students can meet their full potential and work at their own pace.

Why do Montessori schools have mixed-age classrooms?

Children are grouped in mixed ages and abilities in three-year spans: 6months-17 months, 18 months-23, 24-36 months, 3-5 Primary and 5-6 Kindergarten. There is constant interaction, problem solving, child-to-child socialization, positive role models. Teachers act as guides and make student observations to create individualized lesson plans. The lessons are age appropriate for a three-year span allowing younger children the opportunity to learn more advanced work. Older children are challenged according to their ability and never bored with the multitude of wide-ranging activities and preparing them for the public school.

Will Montessori prepare my child for the future?

Yes! Documented research through, National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector attests to positive results when not only ranking students in mathematics and various subject matter, but also in life-long skills. A Montessori education cultivates not only what to learn but also how to learn. Children develop a mind for innovation and collaboration that prepares them for the future.

Do you provide Daycare services?

Yes! We are open year-round, and our day begins from 6:30am and ends at 6:30pm. We provide afterschool care for elementary aged children from 5-12 years of age as well as transportation from local elementary schools to HGM. Our afterschool program not only helps children with their studies, we offer extracurricular activities such as:
Soccer Shots: Soccer shots is a uniquely designed program that will introduce soccer to your child in a fun, safe and controlled environment which offers basic soccer skills, games, competitions, and prizes for your child. The program also emphasizes fun character-forming lessons such as respect, honesty, sharing, teamwork, patience, and encouragement.
Tots: Tots is a creative and unique way for your child to learn, experience, and master for ball handling and dribbling skills. Academic and agility are part of each weekly lesson as well. Your child will perform at a Rockets game and at the big shine time celebration!
Yoga: Yoga for youth is a perfectly balanced program that teacher's children the art of yoga. Our curriculum combines yoga stretching and poses with aerobic-style exercises. This allows the students the opportunity to get their energy out as we develop their strength, stamina, balance, and agility and them how to calm their bodies.
Gardening: Gardening helps students engage in learning which can be more effective than teaching in a classroom. It can also help students learn how to take better care of the environment and the society.
STEM: Stem stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. This program helps students improve in these fields and helps them get better at math and computer science.
Chess: Chess: Chess helps students strengthen their mind and gain confidence in other areas. It is also a strategy game making the students more strategic in other fields.
Music: Music: Music is a universal language that is made of patterns, fractions and sequences. Not only does music build new pathways in the brain that reinforce mathematical and reading concepts, music can also increase your child's independence and confidence. *Extracurricular activities may be subject to outside vendor fees

Are any meals included in the monthly tuition rate?

Snacks are offered daily while children are in attendance and included in the tuition. Breakfast is included and offered for Extended care only.
Lunch Program: Harvest Green Montessori School's Lunch Program allows parents flexibility with the following three options:
1. Catered Lunch (Monthly Basis) - HGM offers catered lunches Monday through Friday for parents who would like a hot vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal for their child.
2. Lunch from Home - Children are welcome to bring their lunch from home in a lunch box. We are nut free school.
3. Combination - Parents have the option of using our catering service occasionally as well as sending lunches from home on the other days. Parents will still have to fill out the monthly signup sheet.

Will you provide a nut-free environment if a child has nut allergies?

Children are welcome to bring their lunch from home in a lunch box. We are nut free school.

How is tuition calculated?

Tuition is paid on a monthly basis. We observe many of the FBISD holiday closures and several Teacher in-service days for continued training. The annual calendar including school closures are calculated in to an accounted for as part of the monthly tuition for all family's part time or full time. Tuition is only prorated for children when they start school later in the month. It must be noted that tuition will not be prorated if school days are missed due to illness, personal vacation time, unforeseen closures, inclement weather or if the part time program was on a holiday. Since Montessori offers an individualized learning program, a child may enroll any time during the year. As vacancies occur during the year, they will be filled from the waiting list. To be placed on the waiting list, all enrollment forms, registration, and supply fee must be submitted and are non-refundable.

How do I hold my child's spot in your school?

Provided we have a space available, Harvest Green Montessori School requires that parents complete the following tuition requirements for enrolling their children:
Original copy of Tuition and Policies Agreement signed by parents and/or legal guardians
Registration and all other required forms for enrollment
Supply fee paid in full non-refundable
Monthly tuition paid (will be prorated if starting later in the month)

If my child is sick, or my family goes on vacation, do I still have to pay the same tuition?

If your child will be gone for any amount of time during the school year, please inform your child's teacher and the office of the dates of their absence. Tuition must be paid as usual during this time, even if the child is absent.

Camera and Privacy Policy:

For Security and privacy purposes, cameras located in classroom are for live streaming only. Playback and recorded video cannot be viewed after 24 hours.