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August 2019

Past events!

Back to school

August 2 – Back to School Bash:

An event to officially kickstart the 2019-2020 school year. A day meant to bring the community together to have fun together.

Professional Developement Day

August 9 – Professional Developement Day:

A day when we HGM professionals learned new skills and abilities from each other to implement in our classes. Students had a day off.

Meet and Greet

August 12 – Meet And Greet:

On account of Parent's Day, we held an event promoting responsible parenting and created awareness on how affectionate parenting plays a vital role in molding their children's lives. It was a celebration of the special bonds of love between the children and their parental figures.

First Day of School

August 14 – First Day Of School:

A warm welcome to a year-long journey full of learning and fun. Children were full of jitters and excitement and spent the day introducing themselves to the teachers and their classmates.