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Staying Safe

Nurturing Young Minds in a Healthy Environment


Children need a school experience they can enjoy

That is why we at Harvest Green Montessori are striving to go above and beyond the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s COVID-19 guidelines to protect our school during this global pandemic. To make the best safety protocols, we have consulted with the CDC and Fort Bend County officials and have also made sure to train our staff members in sanitation and public health safety procedures.

We want to make sure that our students learn in a safe environment anMain Entry Precautionsd we want to make sure that our parents know our safety plan. We are taking many measures to give our students an enjoyable and rich environment for them to learn in.


Main Entry Precautions


There are a couple of restrictions before a staff member, student, or any other personnel may enter the building. Any person that has come in contact with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 or has traveled internationally/domestically to or from any area which is the subject of travel restrictions under applicable state and local guidance cannot enter the school for 14-days following the latest potential exposure.

After the 14-days, certain criteria must be met before a person can enter the school:

  At-least 10-days have passed since any household member first experienced symptoms

  Any household member that was experiencing symptoms has shown improvement

  All household members have been fever-free for at least 72-hours without the use of fever-reducing medication

Keeping Social Distancing and Socializing Balanced

There are many reasons for children to attend school, but one of the most important is their social and emotional development that they can only get through their peers. These are some of the many things we are doing to make sure we fulfill our student’s social needs while at the same time minimizing the risk of exposure to COVID-19:

  Limiting classroom occupancy as determined by state guidelines

  Keeping children in one group throughout the school term

  Limiting number of students in the playground according to social distancing

  Making sure all seats and playgrounds are thoroughly sanitized before new children make use of them

  No eating in large groups and no food-sharing

Infant Safety Protocols

The staff members working with the infants will wear clear plastic face masks so the children can still see their faces. The first reason for this is because a child learns about language by watching how other people’s mouths move according to the words and sounds they hear. The second reason for this is because we know that a child needs to have some sort of facial recognition which is particularly important for attachment and social-emotional development.

We are also protecting the infants and our staff who love to educate them.All staff members working with the infants will be required to wear an extra piece of clothing that will be sanitized. They are required to change the piece of clothing if any bodily fluids from the infants get on them.

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